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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Indian visitors

IIPM students with Webster University professor (more photos: Flickr)

Lake Geneva beckons

Sometimes the smallest things are what make the most lasting impression when we visit another country. As I was photographing groups of visiting MBA students from IIPM in Delhi, India, a young woman asked me if the nearby lake had a barrier. I said no and she was pleasantly surprised that you could walk down to the edge of Lake Geneva and put your hand in the (icy) water.

London was the first place outside the U.S. that I visited, at the age of 28. I knew that they drove on the left, but it had never occurred to me that as a result pedestrians have different road-crossing habits from those of people in right-drive nations. Years later, I still have to read the instructions on the sidewalk before stepping into a British intersection.


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