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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My town: St. Prex on Flickr

Saint-Prex, Switzerland, wintery view towards Lausanne February 7, 2006

One of the best discoveries I made when I started this blog was Flickr, a compendium of photos from anyone and everyone: a giant photo party. I'm now insisting that the students in the media course I teach at Webster University create Flickr accounts and learn how to post their photos there, and how to use it to find images.

I began photographically tracking the seasons and daily life in my town on Lake Geneva, Saint-Prex, in November. I like recording the town's changes and reflecting on what brings them about. I've now started uploading a few images, from November, to a set (similar to a folder) called "My town, St Prex". I will add a few every day until they are up to date.

We have just learned that my family will on May 31 become citizens of St-Prex and, by extension, Swiss. My way of thanking the community will be to write and photograph my first year as a Swiss woman, in my Swiss village, a place which by all accounts is very charming.

See for yourself, and please return often!


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