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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Digital time capsules (5)

The magnificent mirror, by Tara, circa December 2002
In 2002 my daughter's school surprised us with an astonishing Christmas present, this mirror. Astonishing because each child made one, and the children are all physically and mentally handicapped, most of them severely so. The teachers helped, of course, but we saw the collections of pieces of colored rock and how the girls and boys, aged 10-13, selected the ones they wanted. We saw how the adults helped them place glue on the pieces before setting them on the white surface.

Since then, I've seen similar projects from other schools where the children don't have health and skills problems, but I don't believe there is another mirror in the world as beautiful as this one, for it reflects not just images but the dedication and perseverance of very special adults who work with very special children. I never tire of looking at it, no matter what looks back at me.


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