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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bottling blue

Olympic blue

It is hard to compete with the Olympics for attention, so here is the sky they are seeing in Turin/Torino, from the north side of the Alps, rather than the south.

Under this blue sky, and indoors with the sun streaming in, I tried to bottle blue, the one that matches this sky.

Here are the results: a perfume bottle, the blue box in which it came, the blue shadow of the bottle. Other blues on Flickr. Blue, especially deep blue, is such a rich color that I wanted to see if I could filter out the objects to find only the color and then compare them. The only one without surface or texture is the sky, which shouldn't really be a surprise.

blue bottle on step

Blue bottle's shadow on step

Blue box for a blue bottle, smooth to the eye, rough to the camera lens


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