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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sheeping their way up!

Some friends from Florida were visiting and they asked how the animals get up to the high alps, or pastures, where they live the good life for the summer. They run up the road, I explained. I was talking about cows. They leap and jump and run uphilll faster than you can imagine. The olders ones remember those magnificent pastures and the young ones pick up on the excitement and believe their elders. Seeing a herd of young happy cows racing up a steep road is a sight not soon forgotten.

Sheep are another matter. They would never make it to the top if they had to run up. The farmers herd them into a flatbed which is attached to a tractor. Yesterday one of them had to pause in front of the house to sort out some horns that were tangled in the mesh.Much baaing later, they carried on uphill.


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