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Monday, July 03, 2006

News from the China martial artist vagabond

A short cell phone call from the middle of China:
"Hi. I just read the instructions on the malaria tablets and it says you can't tell the difference between the symptoms for malaria and a cold. So what do you do if you have a cold?"
"Go to a doctor if you have a fever."
"Okay. I'm standing next to a rice paddy. Oh hold on, that's a tractor going by."
[noise noise noise]
"Actually, this is more tea country. Someone saw me yesterday and asked me to go to his house, his grandparents' house, to practice English. They gave me a half kilo of tea when I left."

The line was clear, as if Liam were in the next room. Unfortunately, he can't post to his blog yet from China, since China bans many blogs. He left two friends to travel in a remote area by himself for a week, to see how people react to a lone foreigner. So far he's found friendliness, warm people and hard floors to sleep on. The economy is booming but not everywhere equally. It's hot and there are definitely mosquitos. And cell phones work, even if finding an Internet cafe is not easy.


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