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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tara's birthday socks and pie

wild socks

Tara had a great birthday last week, with wild new socks and a pie instead of a cake. You can see all the photos (15) on flickr.
Here are some of the things that made it such a good day:
  • sleeping in and then having a long bath
  • having toast with warm jam just made by Dad
  • getting a new sundress and wearing it on a hike
  • getting some wild new socks that our new friends the Harpers brought from Florida
  • having a strawberry-rhubarb pie instead of a cake
  • eating raclette served over cornmeal, deeeeelicious! while adults sampled wine at Hugue Clavien's cave
  • having a barbecue where we made onions steamed with lots of garden herbs and a bit of butter
  • getting to eat as much meat as Tara wanted!

May you all have such nice birthdays when it is your turn.


Blogger Vasta said...

ah, looks like it was a wonderful time! do send my belated birthday regards to tara. and i'd take pie over cake any day.

12:37 AM  

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