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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Um, the moon is round

Sometimes in the face of too many obligations and too much work, I simply collapse into nonsense time. I can't decide if it's good for me or not: it just happens. Last night a spectacular moon rose, so I decided that I should go back to work on mastering full moon photography, and I lost myself in it for a while. Dishes remained unwashed, laundry unfolded.

Until last night most of my moons had come out lumpy or sort of square or completely out of focus. Who would have thought it could be so difficult to photograph a moon?

So last night as the moon rose, dipped into a cloud, tucked one edge behind a bit of mountain, rose from behind the mountain, I sat outside in the very cool air and just kept shooting.

The result is that my camera today is filled with dozens of shots of a yellow circle on a black background. Hmm. I can say, though, that I have learned to focus, learned what settings I need so the moon stays round.

Mostly, I just learned what I already knew, that the full moon is round and yellow and really lovely. Here is most of it.


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