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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Those green guys and rosemary

(If you thought this was sexy science fiction, you're on the wrong blog.)

Okay, Christopher, I clearly need to reread your tips on uploading multiple photos to blogger. Here are two photos that go with the last post, the green bugs on the apple tree (aphids, I guess, but they are very dark green and smaller than ones on roses) and the rosemary, starting to bloom, with coriander in the foreground, some of which was great in rice and black beans, brought to us by friends from Florida, with hot hot peppers from the garden.


Blogger Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

And I need to get a new camera. I am just amazed by all the closeup shots I see on various blogs. I saw an incredible dragonfly shot today.

Are you sure the plum red with white flower by the coriander is rosemary? It looks more like oregano to me.

Your mystery weed/flower I am not sure since my northern plant ID skills are not the best. It does look suspiciously like a dog fennel which is a weed, but so many wildflowers are weedy looking until they bloom. You could do a good closeup shot for Dave's Garden that has a lot of great people in the ID forum.

Horticultural oil is an organic spray you could use on aphids. The ants are ranching them and will protect them from predators.

8:00 AM  
Blogger whistlestop caboose said...

Bingo, you're right about the oregano - I forgot that I planted it instead of rosemary. I have a ton of rosemary elsewhere in the garden, partly to hold the slope in place so it doesn't wash down to the Rhone River a few miles below.

I hadn't heard that ants ranch, which is an interesting notion. But I tried to put a ladybug up there yesterday, on the leaf and she shot out of there fast when the ants appeared. I don't know what horticultural oil is here, will have to find out.
Don't think this is dog fennel, based on what I just read about that, since this stays more lily-like in the stalk and doesn't become fernlike. It also has no smell. However, one just developed little fluffy white seedheads after one day of a tiny yellow flower. Weed, rather than flower, I've decided.
Camera closeups are great fun, if an expensive hobby (meaning the price of the camera). I've learned a lot by looking at what I capture.

4:02 PM  

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