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Monday, May 15, 2006

The government likes my car

A cheerful note: the government has said I may drive my car for another three years. I picked up my car from the garage this morning, where it sat safely over the weekend after the mechanics whipped it into shape for its government test. I took it to the car wash, the better for the government men to check under the chassis. I drove into my assigned lane 5 slightly ahead of schedule, as recommended.

And I watched for the next 15 minutes while the government man shook and shimmied and bounced my car around - testing the lights, brakes, suspension and many other parts and behaviors of which I am usually blissfully unaware.

It passed, with a couple small repairs still needed.

When I moved from the U.S. to Europe 25 years ago I was shocked that a car had to be approved in order to have the right to be on the road. I saw no reason why any old clunker should not be out there. Over the years, partly due to the speed at which Europeans drive, I have become more open to the idea that cars should be given roadworthy tests on a regular basis.

In fact, after he pointed out that a black sleeve near the front left wheel had a crack in it and needs to be replaced, something the good mechanic we use hadn't spotted, I think maybe this is one of the better uses of my tax money. The Swiss are trying to reduce road deaths to zero. I doubt we'll see that, but why not try?


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