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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The nutritional approach to devouring cookies

My friend Mary, who posted a comment on my real cookie post, sent me this dauntingly informative link about the nutritional value of Burger King Nestle Toll House cookies (apologies to the merger people, but there are too many trademarks and copyrights to know where to put the symbols). They appear to have more value than the weight multiplied by the size of a cookie!

I'm considering a) taking up the suggestion to open an online shop, but I would have to register as a charity first because I think I would operate in the red if I paid myself a salary of about 10 cents and b) send in my cookies to Burger King, for a nutritional value test. Maybe they'll buy mine and we can call them Burger King Nestle Toll House Ellen Wallace chocolate chiplet cookies. They are made with tiny Swiss chocolate squares, smaller than the American ones. I'm trying to think what that shape is called. Not a cone, not a peak, a???

I sneaked an oatmeal raisin cookie into the photo the other day, since I was running short. I just thought I should confess before someone found me out. I realized, looking at web stats for this site, that someone from the FBI in Virginia has visited twice. I think it's because I mentioned the obituary of a retired FBI agent, or it might have been that he or she likes cookies. I mentioned Argentina and Chile once or twice, in connection with buying shoes. Could that be it?

You just never know where the Internet will take you, do you?

I don't usually ask this many questions in a blog, but it is a questioning sort of day, partly because my husband and I have both finished teaching university courses this week and the word "plagiarism" has been on our lips too often, talking to each other and to other professors. As a teacher, you're left mainly with no answers to your "why?" when you watch people cheat and plagiarize even after you have explained several times over a few weeks why this is such a bad idea. At the root of the problem seems to be a wonderful, undying human belief that others will be caught at something, but not me.

Google gives (stuff to students) and Google taketh away (teachers can use it, too).


Blogger Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

My blog has been visited by the government too, US Customs and I think the other was the Immigration Service. I tend to think that may be more a function of my tax dollars paying bureaucrats to appear to be working.

It is possible to conjure other scenarios in the current climate of governmant spying on US citizens. It would be some what inept for them to show up on site meter, but not unsurprising that they should get caught again.

1:37 AM  

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