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Thursday, May 04, 2006

rhubarb pie

rhubarb pie
rhubarb pie,
originally uploaded by ellengwallace.
I have been doing two things this week: one is building the base of news and comment to get [GenevaLunch](www.genevalunch.com) off the ground. It's now up and running - you read it here first!

The other is trying to make sure that the people in my family who are suffering their way through the IB examinations period have a few treats now and again. Hats off to rhubarb pie, solace to the overworked student soul!


Blogger Vasta said...

IBs? i remember when i was writing my IB exams about five years ago, it wasn't an easy time. good luck to whoever's writing them, and be sure to remind them to keep having fun even while exams are going on: that's what kept me sane while i was writing mine.

1:14 PM  

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