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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And now, the message from the fairy godmother

I was too tired last night, from teaching and getting a new web site up and attending the high school graduating class dinner (and baking a pie for it), to write the true story that goes with Cinderella's shoes, posted here yesterday.

It's a birthday story, so this is for my nephew Jason, who has a birthday in two days (and who should post a comment here telling us all how to find his music on the Internet, since he's part of the open mike circuit in Chicago). Not to worry, Jason: you're not getting fancy old shoes for a present this year. Keep reading.

Back to Cinderella: a couple months ago I wrote a "Time capsule" entry here about inheriting or in some cases not inheriting things from older sisters. I mentioned my sister Mary's magnificent Cinderella slippers, which I longed for as a little girl but never saw again after Mary came home from the ball where she'd worn them.

Yesterday, the fairy godmother, or maybe it was Cinderella (in any event, aka my sister Mary) delivered a belated birthday box to my house. Inside were the magic slippers, the real thing, vintage 1958! The rhinestones still twinkle and you can hear the dance steps if you listen carefully. A card with the shoes had this message: "This little gift is to remind you never to give up on your dreams, because sometimes they come true."

It's a nice thought to carry around on a birthday.

Mary is the source of another nice birthday thought. A week ago, on my own birthday, I wrote that your birthday is a time to do something nice for yourself, following the advice some years ago of my sister. Mary gently pointed out yesterday that this was not exactly her advice. It was probably more like this (improved) version:

"One's birthday is a time to celebrate one's self or one's life so far."


Anonymous Sister Mary said...

In the spirit of nitpicking, your sister Mary DID say your birthday is time to do something nice for yourself, but she did NOT say (as quoted in your birthday blog) that it's a time to think about yourself. There's such a fine difference between these 2 that she's probably the only one who would notice or care. Anyway, may many more of your dreams come true!

All the best,
Sister Mary (who doesn't normally refer to herself in the 3rd person!)

9:08 PM  
Blogger whistlestop caboose said...

Funny, I said to someone very recently that one of the many reasons for having sisters is so that you can learn to nitpick. Since we didn't have a brother I'm not sure if they are good for this, too. The friend thought for a moment and asked if that is the same as quibbling. I'm still pondering that one.

9:15 PM  

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