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Friday, May 05, 2006

Fly me anywhere

[May 6, annoying typos corrected!]

Weathery Swiss sky

I love the idea of flying and envy birds the freedom to just lift off at any moment and sail into the clouds, and over us, wherever they want to go. Airplanes are an excellent substitute, but the rigamarole of getting to the airport, fighting the crowds, lining up, sitting down, buckling up: it's not really the same as: Liftoff! Sky, here I come.

All this to say I love good sky photos. I took one early this morning and hadn't gotten around to posting it when I saw a wonderful one on Flickr, by Joe in New Mexico. I had to rush to post the one I caught this morning, leaning out my window, just as the weather began to change. It has rained most of the day since, but I'm pretty sure some birds headed for these clouds just for the fun of it.

(large size photo, with birds showing clearly, on Flickr)
Yesterday, while I was working, a helicopter circled, again and again. The birds were startled and flew off, returned and settled down, flew off again. Our village is very pretty and from time to time people take professional photos of it from the air. I wonder if they get the ruffled birds in their pictures. Just in case they don't, here are the birds, in a heli-frenzy.


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