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Monday, November 27, 2006

Winter here, winter there (anywhere?)

Here is what winter in Switzerland looks like right now:

This is F├ęchy, a wine village near Lake Geneva, or rather the fields around the village. The French Alps in the distance have little snow on them and the same is true in the Swiss Alps. We had a weekend of wild foehn winds, the kind that bang shutters open and closed almost as fast as you can relatch them. Roof tiles rattle and trees bend as far as they can then jump back. I find myself wondering if they can suffer from whiplash.

The foehn is a warm wind and it was 12-16 degrees C this weekend, 52-60 F or so. What snow was on the peaks started to melt.

Meanwhile, over there, half a world away in Vancouver, Canada, we have an excited lad who went snowboarding at Blackrock, near Whistler mountain, where they have had nearly 4 m of snow.

Jen, a blogger in Vancouver, who loves Switzerland, wrote about the snow coming, but judging by her photos the big storm had not yet hit. She's just finished a photo course, so her images are great to view, snow or not. I went hunting for other photos of Vancouver in the snow and came across this one, four years old but really beautiful, so I hope the city looks this lovely again.

I decided to roam around Flickr looking for Vancouver+snow and came up with so many lovely photos! I'm getting homesick for snow.


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