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Monday, June 12, 2006

my new Tribune de Geneve blog

It's official and it's out: my first post in the Tribune de Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland's main newspaper, ran today. It's called "Hat's off!", about the lives of people who wear too many hats. Figuratively, literally, I'm one of them. At the very least this gives me an opportunity to photograph all of my hats, which is the best excuse I can manage for the cupboard space they continue to occupy.

Please pay a visit: http://www.tdg.ch/tghome/interactif/blogs.html. It's the bit in English not too far down the page :-). Follow the arrows to get to the blog itself.

This is the Tribune de Geneve's pioneering effort to publish an English blog, so I would like to see as many visitors as possible. Thanks, all of you!


Blogger christin m p in massachusetts said...

LOL I read your Hat's Off! post in your Tribune de Geneve blog. The very last reason you listed for selecting that particular family car, will forever be my recommended first reason for choosing which car to buy if it will also be driven by a spouse, fiance, boyfriend... I learned that "rule" (if he looks that good to you, he's going to look just as good to someone else too) the hard way. Fortunately, enough time has now passed that I'm able to laugh about it.

8:50 PM  

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