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Sunday, June 11, 2006

On a flower kick: the alpine meadow

I seem to have flowers on the mind this weekend. Here is the meadow between the chalet and Farmer Bernard's fields. The sun has suddenly brought out all the flowers.


Blogger christin m p in massachusetts said...

This picture of the alpine meadow brings me back to my early childhood, when life was all about smiling faces and sweet voices...jumbo crayons and singing...being aware of the feeling of the toasty warm sun bathing my head and shoulders...and the awareness of my own ear-to-ear smile while walking through fields of flowers and stopping for a moment to examine each petal and leaf and stem...and dragonflies and butterflies and a cute, tiny frog hopping out of my gently cupped hands...

Life made so much more sense when we were little kids, sheltered from all its complications.

I long to have those days back again.

3:13 AM  

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