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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bright chicks in Yunnan

Chinese chicks, dyed for fun

I was posting something about funkypancake's great bird photo when I suddenly remembered this photo, taken in July 2004 when I was in Yunnan, western China. I haven't looked at it since. The birds were chirping and scrambling around in this box, for sale at the bird market in Kunming, a bustling city. Children in particular loved them, and parents made a point of showing them to little people. Bringing an American-European sensitivity to treating animals well to the scene, I wondered and still wonder how they were dyed, if it harms them, if it is temporary or permanent. I have no answers, but it made me reflect not just on cultural differences, but on how quick we can be to judge - often wrongly - others who don't have the same sensibilities. In general, I would have to say I have seen as much love of birds in China as in many other places.

I still wonder how it was done. I don't suppose we can assume they were born like this?


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