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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Swiss back roads meander

Birds were notable , on the lake and in the Alps

Saint-Prex, Lake Geneva, at 8:30 in the morning: bird party

Tara and I took back roads to the mountains today, avoiding the autoroute and other well-traveled highways. We started early in Saint-Prex, where the lake was choppy and the sun was darting in and out of clouds. Ducks dived and quarreled with gulls about fishing rights.

Near Lavey, Switzerland: special warehouse window bird perch, old snow for curtains

(enlarge to better view charming bird)

We then drove along the old roads that hug the north side of the Alps, on the thin strip of land between mountains and the Rhone River. It is an enchanted part of the world, too little visited. Here, too, birds were busy finding options for behaving as if it is Spring, despite the snow.

My favorite spot was near Fully (rightly famous for its Arvine wine, one of the Switzerland's specialties), where we found a covered bridge that is a small abode, complete with mailbox. It has set me wondering about people who live on air.

I've posted about 30 photos on Flickr, some in the set called "My town Saint-Prex" and the rest in "Swiss Alps March 06".


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