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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Swiss cheese, hunks

Maki just put me on to a new marketing toy that the Swiss National Tourism Office has put out. It's aimed at women. The idea is to say, okay, let your men think about the World Cup this summer - we've got another kind of guy here for you in Switzerland.

Pretty daring, really, or maybe the word is risky. I mean, would they market sexy Swiss women to men while the women are all off at the (duh, thinking hard here - where would we be?) . . . let's say Milan fashion shows? Would we women mind?

I'm disappointed that I couldn't seriously check out the cheesiness of the video, as Quick Time didn't work for me and I get a blank screen. So I'm settling for Maki's photos, where cheese doesn't look too bad, frankly. But of course this isn't about what they look like: it's about how wonderfully well these guys are going to treat us women.

So of course we wouldn't mind if men got sexy Swiss women to look at while we're off in Milan because these women are simply making sure the guys get treated right.

I just love equality. It solves so many problems.

Meanwhile, I can't work out where Maki found the photo of the man pulling the cow's teats. I signed up for the international English version of the site. Maybe you have to be local to get that treat.


Blogger whistlestop caboose said...

Ah, found the video - on the German version of the site. You don't really need to understand German to get the drift. Cheese sandwich for your next summer vacation, Ladies! (do wish they had used Women, but that's American feminism for you)

11:15 PM  

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