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Monday, February 27, 2006

The golden touch of bread, honey and sun

Our daily bread: Swiss breads

Pain soleil, Swiss sunbread

Sunbread with French honey, made from lavendar
A lovely round loaf of bread caught my eye in the store today. The color was exactly right for February. gold edging towards toasty brown and back to gold. The name was sunbread (pain soleil), and I bought it for that reason. Anyone who has the marketing sense to know how much we need an extra dose of sun in our lives in February, any way we can get it, deserves my business.

I set it on the counter with quince and apple jelly, which I love for its color and tangy autumn fruit flavor - but I suddenly remembered the honey at the back of the shelf, and the goldenness of it, too. Everything seemed a little brighter after this pause in the day.


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