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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Simpsons: wildly real

Word of mouth reached me: Sky has a wonderful ad for the new Simpsons season, featuring real live human type Simpsons! I heard this through the international teenage grapevine, but hadn't seen it. Then through Scobleizer I heard about BradFitzpatrick, whose cartoons and illustrations are great, and while wandering through his blog I spotted the video. Bart, you made my day. I just wish they'd let Marge be a little funkier, with blue hair, but that's a minor gripe.

Apologies to Brad for my neophyteness, and not getting the business of feeds sorted out (next week's task), so here is the YouTube.com direct link he offered, thanks to a blogging buddy of his.

I almost wrote: The World Turns, then realized I'm speaking dinosaur TV language. Anybody else remember that ancient (one of the first?) TV show?! Right up there with Queen for a Day, which I thought was terrific stuff when I was 5, back in Iowa. You got a red cape, mink trimmed, a shiny crown, an armful of roses and Art Linkletter told you that you were wonderful. What more could a woman want?


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