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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Liam's wushu video on Google's new and very cool video search

Google has just started offering video searches and our favorite is this one! Search for "Liam Bates" or "wushu" if you want to see more of the sport.

From the video page description:
Liam Bates - Chinese martial arts - wushu, tricks & flips demoreel

Liam Bates 2 min 14 sec - Dec 24, 2005

A compliation of footage from 2005. Clips of fight choreography, practice and demonstrations. Chinese martial arts (wushu), martial arts tricks, weapons (broadsword - doa shu), capoeira, gymnastics, drunken boxing (zui quan), flips, twists and kicks. And ninja extra at end!

Filmed on location in: Beijing & Beidaihe, China, Cape Town, South Africa, Geneva, Switzerland, London, UK.


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