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Saturday, December 03, 2005

la neige nouvelle est arriveé ! new snow!

8:00 a.m., the Valais, looking down on the Rhone

La première vrai neige de la saison, un regard sur la Rhône.

In the Swiss canton of Valais, during the night, fresh snow fell, the first real snow of the season (a small base layer fell last week). Weather prediction: more snow throughout the week in the Alps.

Crans-Montana : comme pas mal d'autre stations, les pistes seront ouvertes ce matin.

It is the first day of the ski season in Crans-Montana and when the lifts open cars will start to stream up the mountain road.

For now, peace and quiet reign. Children are still asleep, warm and cozy in their beds. It's time to think about those who are not so lucky: the families with no shelter in the mountains in Pakistan, following the earthquake earlier this year.

Regardez le projet de support de la Croix Rouge Suisse, pour les familles en Pakistan, sans abri.

The tourism office in Crans-Montana sent us a letter asking for help with a solidarity fund: the Swiss Red Cross and several ski resorts are working together to buy 1,600 tents that the Red Cross has managed to obtain, a concrete project if you can say that about temporary housing. One less hot chocolate on the slopes on our part and other children's lives will start to improve.

9:30 a.m. encore de la neige, et comment elle est belle ...

And the snow starts to fall again. Only the Crans-Montana-Sierre bus and dogs are out (plus those who practice their snow-boarding behind their dogs).


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