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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

cafe au lait, now ecru refined

ecru label on Swiss white chocolate

ecru scarf against colored scarves

the ecru scarf, solo

the ecru scarf and ecru bowl holding ecru white chocolate powder

the ecru scarf, chocolate and ceramic bowl, a closer look

down to the basics: white chocolate, really ecru in color; powder close-up

I thought I knew my basic colors and more complex ones, and then I read Oliver Sack's true story about a painter who, following a car accident, lost his ability to see color. In the collection of tales of neurological dysfunction, An Anthropoligst on Mars, Dr. Sacks describes Mr. I's predicament. His world suddenly became black and white with shades of gray, but the loss was complicated by his knowledge of where color and texture should be, where he now saw only flat gray.

Light. The eye's perception of color. Texture. Color is endlessly elusive. What earlier today looked like cafe au lait now looks more like ecru. And ecru solo appears to be different from ecru against color.


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