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Saturday, March 03, 2007

lettuce from Fully

lettuce from Fully
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I had to buy a new camera, with damaged pixels on my old one. I was so excited when it arrived but the weather was not exactly ideal - gray and wet and all the landscape photos had no contrast. Nevertheless, I managed to spend a good deal of Friday and Saturday shooting Alpine villages and mountain slopes - and then came across this garden center. It is huge, with dozens of covered strips like this one, with little plants happily growing.

Shooting these, and especially the parsley photos, cheered me up enormously. It's too early to plant in the Alps, where we are only safe from frosts in early June. I can't keep things alive that long indoors for they grow leggy and stringy and weak. I have come to the conclusion that I must buy small plants, already sturdy. Here they are! I can come back in a few weeks and they will be ready to make the alpine trek to a higher altitude, just like the young cows.


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