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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life is just full of work and cows and flowers and ...

Too much going on in life, but all of it interesting (except the kleenex my daughter decided to eat because she was bored, waiting for me to finish on the computer).

The words will have to wait for another day, but here are some images for now.

The mountain garden was harvested and tilled to make room for autumn onion and garllic planting. But one last pumpkin vine, with flowers babies, had to be left for a few extra days to enjoy balmy October days and cool nights.

In the valley, near Lake Geneva, everyone has been harvesting fruit and the smell of apples and plums and especially grapes fills the air. I stopped near Tara's school and asked some of the seasonal workers, from Portugal, if I could take their picture. These are Gala apples.

In the space of a week almost all the grapes are cut and taken to the wineries or cooperatives. The leaves suddenly turn the most beautiful colors! I used to love maples and other northern trees that turned red this time of year, something we don't have in Switzerland. But we have gloriously multi-colored vineyards.

And then, up in the mountains, the cows came down from the high Alps. At night they are still out in the fields, their heavy loud bells clanging all night long, but usually in fields just far enough away so that they sound like chimes. Here is one of the neighbors, a curious young girl.


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