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Monday, April 17, 2006

The day after, a day off

There are two days of the year when I always plan to catch up on work, do the filing, sort out the various messes that surround me - and when they arrive I say uh-uh, it's a day off. Bank is closed and offices are closed and it won't make an ounce (gram?) of difference if I don't do a scrap of job-related work.

One is December 26. The other is the day after Easter, Easter Monday. Today.

But I did something useful. I raked over the garden, put in stakes, hoed two rows and planted some nice red potatoes. I have friends, mainly people who love to cook, who will say yum! because garden fresh potatoes are wonderful. And I have other friends who will think I'm crazy to get so dirty and sweaty and unintellectual (well, they wouldn't put it that way, would they?) as to go out and dig spud holes.

The sun is going down, the air is getting cold and I'm going to go out and photograph my spud mounds right now, just for you.

Back in a moment.

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