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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The courage to make a book list

I am filled with admiration for Overlalune after visiting her blog just now. She posted a comment here which reminded me that I have been recalcitrant in visiting her online "house" so I dropped in but didn't leave a calling card. That's because I was awestruck by her courage in making an online list of books that she has read or is reading. She's in the book business and is an ardent bookcrosser (visit her to find out more about that or read this bit in GenevaLunch). Even so, I love to read but I would probably panic if I started a list here of my books.

I love the idea but I think the list of not completed but still trying would depress me. As it is the unfinished books next to my bed cause an accident at least once a week because the pile is too high. I'm not yet up to page 200 of Katherine Graham's autobiography despite enjoying it thoroughly. I've been reading about 2 pages a day for weeks of Green Gold, the history of tea. I was given three wonderful looking police novels by Chinese-American writer Qiu Xioalong which I haven't been able to touch because the rat who gave them to me stole them back to read. In fairness, I was the one who decided where to hange the artwork I gave him.

The Art of the Tale, an anthology of international short stories edited by Daniel Halpern is so wonderful that I'm treating it like Ricola sweets and taking ages to swallow it.

And then there is the story of the color mauve which I take in small drops now and again and Robert Kaplan's Mediterranean Winter which I enjoy but have to read slowly because I've never visited North Africa.

Now I shall rush to finish these so I can read some of the ones on her list, almost all of which I would happily put on my shelf.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellen: I just noted them down as I was reading, because my sister gave me a nice blank notebook at Christmas 2005 and it seemed a handy place to do it, and I could jot down interesting quotes at the same time. If I were more organized I would have done it on properly on the computer, with links to the bookcrossing journal entries. We'll leave that till I'm retired...
And I do NOT have the courage to make a list of all the books half-read, waiting to be read, piled up on the bedside table or beside the couch...!

9:21 AM  

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