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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Plant hommage

I have two special plants. This is their moment of glory.

The fern

This one is 25 years old, has lived in two apartments in Paris, an apartment in Geneva and another further down the lake in Switzerland, a bureaucratic jungle in Geneva, a charming office in Saint-Prex, Switzerland and a chalet in the Swiss Alps. It has survived several traumatic periods, some of them its own, others mine.

I have never repotted it, which is against all the rules. Yes, it is lopsided, but it has earned the right to be so. It now holds place of honor, in a cheerful corner of my dining room, sitting on a table my father made for me many years ago.

The geek
Here we have a plant that began to thrive only when it was thrown in a dingy, neglected corner, next to the office server, and given water once a week.
We can all learn from this: approach technology in this uncomplicated fashion and we will improve.


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